Saturday, August 26, 2017

If anyone should stumble upon this little blog of mine, I have started a new blog:   It is mostly my adventures in sewing but who knows where it and I will go!! Thanks for visiting!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick and Easy

And this is what I love about having a Sewing Machine that works!
We were to spend the day visiting with our friends Kathy and Jerry. I decided in the morning to make a couple loaves of Pumpkin Bread and bring one to them. Looking around trying to decided what to carry it in, sighing, as a plastic ziplock just didn't making it, I had an Aha moment. Fifteen minutes before it is time to go, I am throwing around my stash of fabrics and found the perfect one. Quickly cut it to shape and proceeded to make a Fabric Bag. Came out rather well for a 10 minute project! Oh and the Pumpkin Bread was really good as well! hahaha
 Perfect fabric for the Autumn and Jerry is an avid birdwatcher so again perfect!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Have A New Play Toy!!!

So I now have a new play toy! Meet my new sewing machine. Considering my old one was about 35 years old I think I was due. I haven't done much sewing the past couple of years because it was just to frustrating. And as Paul and I are revising our future, I decided it was time. Can't wait to really sink my teeth into using it. Have already done mending including replacing the zipper on my Alaska coat. So didn't want to throw it away and figure I had nothing to lose. It came out quite well if I do say so myself. There are so many things I want to make now but have told myself only Christmas items until after the holidays. Have several things planned including poppets for the grandchildren and grand nieces/nephews, a blanket for my brother in law, though that won't be sewn, pillows for my daughter in law, perhaps a infinity scarf for my son's lady and maybe just maybe I'll play with making photo wristlets for several of the ladies on my list. I do plan on posting as I finish things so stay tuned!

Doing well with my weight loss: fluctuating between 142-144. I'm happy with that for now. I now know if I tried a bit harder I could lose more but if I can maintain this I'm good. Weight Watchers really helped me get my portions under control and learn what works for me as far as food choices.

Still walking 1 1/2 to 2 miles most days. I can hold both a forearm plank and straight arm plank for 2 minutes each which is good enough for me. Trying to fit yoga into my morning routine but well I have a bit of trouble getting out of bed. All good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mixing it up

So tried something a little different this morning after my 30 minute power walk. Instead of doing the two different planks for the Plank Challenge, I decided to see how long I could hold a Forearm Plank.

Held it for 2 minutes!!! could possible squeaked in a couple of more seconds but hey I am quite happy with that. Followed it up with several Child Pose to Upward Dog combos.

Interesting note: I may not be losing weight but looks like it's shifting. I took my Ab and Waist measurements and they seem to be a bit smaller. Hmmm that definitely works for me!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

WooHoo A Nice New Car

Well after driving my little gray truck for the past 7 years (twas my dad's before that) it finally happened!! I go me a new car, well, a newer car anyway. Little Gray Truck was a 2003, had 114,000 miles on her and well, was starting to show her age. AC went about two years ago and the front end was developing a wiggle and rust, and she started making a weird clunking noise. Wasn't going to put any more money into it, so it was time. And I am now the proud owner (me and the bank that is) of a 2015 Dodge Dart with only 12847 miles on her! She's a pretty silver thing and the best part: in that certain light she's purple!!! Love it Love it Love it!!! Long live my little darling!!

Weight thing is tough, basically have to give up all starchy stuff and most snacking. Vegis, Fruit and protein which in itself isn't to bad but I do tend to get hungry and that's what makes thing tough.
Didn't lose anything last week which is disappointing, hopefully at least a pound this week or even 1/2 pound!

Plank Challenge: Held both Planks 35 seconds and did 5 vinyasa's (Plank to Chaturanga To Downward Dog)

Monday, September 12, 2016


Yay I did it!! I did my two mile speed walk this morning and it felt good!! Hopefully the ole knee won't start acting up again.  I love walking in the morning. I can walk from here into the park and just enjoy it all. I started speed walking last spring. Finally found an exercise type program I love doing. Was thrilled when I could do the two miles in 30 minutes. Wow go me. Then my knee started a hurting. I wasn't only do that, I was literally running up and down the stairs 4-5 times at least twice a day, all in the name of getting this body into better shape. Well that didn't go as planned, doctor told me STOP, no anything for several weeks then SLOWLY build back up to things. but No running up and down the stairs. Okay, okay. of course then I got bronchitis/all but pneumonia and that had me down for a spell. Jeesh. Anyway, I started walking regularly a bit back and yes slowly have been building my strength and endurance, watching the knee carefully. AND today I did it. Back up to Two Miles in 30 minutes!! will take it easier tomorrow and see how I feel. If it goes well I do it twice a week for a couple of weeks and then try for three days.

I have also started a Plank Challenge but of course doing it my way. The challenge calls for doing a Forearm Plank and working up to a four minute hold. In Yoga one does a Straight Arm Plank so I was curious as to the benefits of each. As it turns out both are valuable to strengthening the body. The Forearm Plank engages more of the core section, getting in there to help tone the abs and whittle the waist (okay definitely something I need) where as the Straight Arm Plank does engage this area but more of the focus is on the upper body: shoulders, triceps, upper back (oh yeah need this as well!). What I have decided to do ( did today) is both as follows:
  Day One: Straight Arm Plank holding for 30 seconds, then to a Forearm Plank also holding for 30 seconds. I will follow this with pushups, with five knees to the floor. Hopefully, eventually working up to five straight leg pushups and 2 minute plank holds.
I'll update my progress as I go along (providing I actually continue this for more than a week, LOL)

I think it is important to slowly but surely increase my physical abilities to better be able to not only lose the weight I want but to maintain the loss and more important improve my overall health and well being.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why Do We Do That?

I mentioned in my previous post how others so often react to my weight. Ridicule, Sneers, Passive Aggressive Putdowns. Why we do that to each other. Shouldn't we try and build each other up? So okay yes my weight issue isn't as bad as yours, I get it, but hey hello maybe I see how people treat and react to you being overweight and I don't want that for me. Or perhaps I see how your weight issues are causing health issues and I certainly don't want to go there. Or perhaps I just am uncomfortable with me, not you but with how I feel in my skin. What does it matter and why does it matter to you??? This is my journey, my life adventure, not yours. I don't understand why so often in so many different areas of my life people feel the need to change what I do. If I get into crafting Oh you should sell that, Oh you should buy this, Oh you should do it this way. If I talk about what I want to do OH that's ridiculous, why would you want that. You should you shouldn't you need to you don't need to don't this don't that. STOP already Let me live my life my way, I am not hurting you, so just stop. I truly get to the point I don't want to discuss any aspect of my life because I just don't want to hear your opinion unless I ask for it.
  And no not every does this but there are a select few that do and you know I get so very tired of it. And no these aren't people I can easily just turn my back on, they are a big part of my life.

Gee this turned into more of a rant then I planned on. I guess that's what I needed just now.

Let's try to be good to each, and let each of us live our journey.