Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick and Easy

And this is what I love about having a Sewing Machine that works!
We were to spend the day visiting with our friends Kathy and Jerry. I decided in the morning to make a couple loaves of Pumpkin Bread and bring one to them. Looking around trying to decided what to carry it in, sighing, as a plastic ziplock just didn't making it, I had an Aha moment. Fifteen minutes before it is time to go, I am throwing around my stash of fabrics and found the perfect one. Quickly cut it to shape and proceeded to make a Fabric Bag. Came out rather well for a 10 minute project! Oh and the Pumpkin Bread was really good as well! hahaha
 Perfect fabric for the Autumn and Jerry is an avid birdwatcher so again perfect!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Have A New Play Toy!!!

So I now have a new play toy! Meet my new sewing machine. Considering my old one was about 35 years old I think I was due. I haven't done much sewing the past couple of years because it was just to frustrating. And as Paul and I are revising our future, I decided it was time. Can't wait to really sink my teeth into using it. Have already done mending including replacing the zipper on my Alaska coat. So didn't want to throw it away and figure I had nothing to lose. It came out quite well if I do say so myself. There are so many things I want to make now but have told myself only Christmas items until after the holidays. Have several things planned including poppets for the grandchildren and grand nieces/nephews, a blanket for my brother in law, though that won't be sewn, pillows for my daughter in law, perhaps a infinity scarf for my son's lady and maybe just maybe I'll play with making photo wristlets for several of the ladies on my list. I do plan on posting as I finish things so stay tuned!

Doing well with my weight loss: fluctuating between 142-144. I'm happy with that for now. I now know if I tried a bit harder I could lose more but if I can maintain this I'm good. Weight Watchers really helped me get my portions under control and learn what works for me as far as food choices.

Still walking 1 1/2 to 2 miles most days. I can hold both a forearm plank and straight arm plank for 2 minutes each which is good enough for me. Trying to fit yoga into my morning routine but well I have a bit of trouble getting out of bed. All good.