Monday, September 19, 2016

WooHoo A Nice New Car

Well after driving my little gray truck for the past 7 years (twas my dad's before that) it finally happened!! I go me a new car, well, a newer car anyway. Little Gray Truck was a 2003, had 114,000 miles on her and well, was starting to show her age. AC went about two years ago and the front end was developing a wiggle and rust, and she started making a weird clunking noise. Wasn't going to put any more money into it, so it was time. And I am now the proud owner (me and the bank that is) of a 2015 Dodge Dart with only 12847 miles on her! She's a pretty silver thing and the best part: in that certain light she's purple!!! Love it Love it Love it!!! Long live my little darling!!

Weight thing is tough, basically have to give up all starchy stuff and most snacking. Vegis, Fruit and protein which in itself isn't to bad but I do tend to get hungry and that's what makes thing tough.
Didn't lose anything last week which is disappointing, hopefully at least a pound this week or even 1/2 pound!

Plank Challenge: Held both Planks 35 seconds and did 5 vinyasa's (Plank to Chaturanga To Downward Dog)