Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why Do We Do That?

I mentioned in my previous post how others so often react to my weight. Ridicule, Sneers, Passive Aggressive Putdowns. Why we do that to each other. Shouldn't we try and build each other up? So okay yes my weight issue isn't as bad as yours, I get it, but hey hello maybe I see how people treat and react to you being overweight and I don't want that for me. Or perhaps I see how your weight issues are causing health issues and I certainly don't want to go there. Or perhaps I just am uncomfortable with me, not you but with how I feel in my skin. What does it matter and why does it matter to you??? This is my journey, my life adventure, not yours. I don't understand why so often in so many different areas of my life people feel the need to change what I do. If I get into crafting Oh you should sell that, Oh you should buy this, Oh you should do it this way. If I talk about what I want to do OH that's ridiculous, why would you want that. You should you shouldn't you need to you don't need to don't this don't that. STOP already Let me live my life my way, I am not hurting you, so just stop. I truly get to the point I don't want to discuss any aspect of my life because I just don't want to hear your opinion unless I ask for it.
  And no not every does this but there are a select few that do and you know I get so very tired of it. And no these aren't people I can easily just turn my back on, they are a big part of my life.

Gee this turned into more of a rant then I planned on. I guess that's what I needed just now.

Let's try to be good to each, and let each of us live our journey.