Friday, September 9, 2016

Let's try again, and again, and again

Well, I'm back so let's see how long I can maintain this this time! I love the idea of blogging, journaling, keeping a diary but the reality of it seems to allude me. Once again I truly truly want to do this but again we shall see.

As no one actually reads this I feel I can put a bit more of me into it. Life has changed again and again since I last posted. We have moved, we bought a townhouse in an Adult Community and love it! I think I will explore that more at another time. We probably won't go fulltiming, just not the thing we want right now, that can always change. We have joined the Old Bridge CERT team, more on that later. And I have joined Weight Watchers, this will probably be my writing focus for now.

Why did I join? well over the past couple of years the ole scale has been going in the wrong direction slowly but surely creeping upwards. Not good. I pretended to do something about it but it was half hearted. There was a big part of me that didn't care, Yes I did care and it bothered me but I didn't care. I will grant you I am not heavily overweight, and this in itself was a problem which I shall try and go into more as I go along, but enough that I became uncomfortable in my own skin and well my clothes! I refuse to buy a bigger size. I hemmed and hawed for quite a while and then several things made the choice easier. Life has a way of steering me in a certain direction when it's time. I started caring more, I started exploring more and I decided hmm let's look into WW more. Working in a library I have access to many different magazines, WW being one of them. I thumbed through one of the editions and there was a member who I could truly relate to. She had about 18 pounds to lose but saw the scale creeping up and needed it to stop. Yep that's me. My mom who is grossly obese started having yet more health issues and I know her weight is so much to blame. I went online to check WW out more and they were having a half price sale. Really, well gee, if those signs didn't add up I don't know what would.  I joined online and a couple of days later it to my first meeting.
 Let me tell you I was so nervous walking into to that meeting. Because I have "only" about 15 pounds to lose and because I hide my weight well I have so often met with sneers, ridicule, the ole "What are you talking about you don't need to lose weight,", "Oh big deal, I wish I only had 15 pounds to lose", etc etc I truly felt I was going to get the same treatment there. BUT no, no one that I noticed batted an eye because there we are all on our own journey, and judgement is not a part of it. I was more then welcome by the leader and the others there. Wow okay I like this, Have been to my second meeting last night and again felt good about being there and about doing what I need to do for me!

So start weight: 150.2
second weigh in: 148.2   YES that's encouraging.