Monday, September 12, 2016


Yay I did it!! I did my two mile speed walk this morning and it felt good!! Hopefully the ole knee won't start acting up again.  I love walking in the morning. I can walk from here into the park and just enjoy it all. I started speed walking last spring. Finally found an exercise type program I love doing. Was thrilled when I could do the two miles in 30 minutes. Wow go me. Then my knee started a hurting. I wasn't only do that, I was literally running up and down the stairs 4-5 times at least twice a day, all in the name of getting this body into better shape. Well that didn't go as planned, doctor told me STOP, no anything for several weeks then SLOWLY build back up to things. but No running up and down the stairs. Okay, okay. of course then I got bronchitis/all but pneumonia and that had me down for a spell. Jeesh. Anyway, I started walking regularly a bit back and yes slowly have been building my strength and endurance, watching the knee carefully. AND today I did it. Back up to Two Miles in 30 minutes!! will take it easier tomorrow and see how I feel. If it goes well I do it twice a week for a couple of weeks and then try for three days.

I have also started a Plank Challenge but of course doing it my way. The challenge calls for doing a Forearm Plank and working up to a four minute hold. In Yoga one does a Straight Arm Plank so I was curious as to the benefits of each. As it turns out both are valuable to strengthening the body. The Forearm Plank engages more of the core section, getting in there to help tone the abs and whittle the waist (okay definitely something I need) where as the Straight Arm Plank does engage this area but more of the focus is on the upper body: shoulders, triceps, upper back (oh yeah need this as well!). What I have decided to do ( did today) is both as follows:
  Day One: Straight Arm Plank holding for 30 seconds, then to a Forearm Plank also holding for 30 seconds. I will follow this with pushups, with five knees to the floor. Hopefully, eventually working up to five straight leg pushups and 2 minute plank holds.
I'll update my progress as I go along (providing I actually continue this for more than a week, LOL)

I think it is important to slowly but surely increase my physical abilities to better be able to not only lose the weight I want but to maintain the loss and more important improve my overall health and well being.