Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Craft Cabinet

So I did it! I went through and actually got rid of some stuff from the "Craft Cabinet". A bag of garbage (no I don't need that bit of yarn, old old zippers, packing confetti, and other I don't even no where they came from type items) Two boxes of Yard Sale, and a half a box let my daughter figure out what to do with it! Actually quite freeing. I hope to do this again every six months or so until the BIG PURGE is needed. By then I will know just what I can and want to bring along. If it were today I could easily get rid of so much more, but as long as I have time I will hold on to some of those "Well maybe I will do this again." 
Next step is my sewing machine desk with all it's drawers that seem to collect odd things in them! 
I am hoping I can get my sister over here one day soon to go through my Fabrics (4 Bins of IT!!) It occurred to me recently this is actually becoming a burden to me. I know I am not going to do the sewing I use to and up until recently thought I would do again. It is a ghost I need to rid myself of. She is a quilter so I know she can use a lot of it. What's left I will offer around, try to sell at Yard Sale and then give to GoodWill.

Some things are so easy to get rid of, some things are so hard. Living in this time of Betwixt and Between can make it even more difficult