Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So I started the next round of sorting through and getting rid of. This has actually been a long time venture, something I have done from time to time throughout. Now though I have started doing it with a different eye. One of the criteria that has enter the picture when deciding yes no maybe is will it work in my new life. I am not at the point of scaling down to just want I think I will take with us but it is helping with the maybes. Funny there is a big part of me that just wants to get rid of it all and be done, but I know that isn't practical at this point. I still am 3 plus years away from heading out, (unless of course that winning ticket comes along!) I still have to live this life for now. I think it actually makes it harder for me to sort. I figure if I do a major sort though every six months or so by the time we are ready there won't be so much to get rid of. It also serves as a way of knowing what is truly important.
 In the process of sorting I am also looking at my hobbies or pretend hobbies, I have a whole big cabinet filled with craft supplies that needs a major overhaul. This is hard, I am that person that looks at something and sees potential, "Ooh I could use this for that, Ooh I may want this for something someday." I have to really examine what will work in the future. Fine tuning.  I went through a bunch of my books and am actually ready to move many along. That in itself is difficult but looking at the space is cleansing.
I know the more I can immerse myself into learning about this lifestyle and training myself to think in terms of living it the easy it will become. I problem: I truly dislike Betwixt and Between.