Friday, September 25, 2015

But Wait My Cookware!

Entertaining thoughts go through ones mind when contemplating moving into an RV. I was thinking about what I would want/need in the Kitchen. Now keep in mind space is limited in an RV and weight is an issue. It occurred to me, Huh, I have a number of All Clad pots and pans that I love. (I worked in a William-Sonoma store at one time and as a top selling store of All Clad we often won free pieces.) Well if you have never used All Clad let me tell you it is wonderful to cook with but it is HEAVY!! Almost as heavy as Cast Iron (Oh Jeesh, My Cast IRON?!?!?!?!) Seems I like heavy cookware which really isn't a good thing. I just may have to get rid of it and find something lighter!
Well I will have to keep at least one of my cast iron fry pans. I can probably justify that with the argument I can use it on the grill!!

I know my daughter will be happy to hear this! She covets my All Clad!! LOL