Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Craft Cabinet

So I did it! I went through and actually got rid of some stuff from the "Craft Cabinet". A bag of garbage (no I don't need that bit of yarn, old old zippers, packing confetti, and other I don't even no where they came from type items) Two boxes of Yard Sale, and a half a box let my daughter figure out what to do with it! Actually quite freeing. I hope to do this again every six months or so until the BIG PURGE is needed. By then I will know just what I can and want to bring along. If it were today I could easily get rid of so much more, but as long as I have time I will hold on to some of those "Well maybe I will do this again." 
Next step is my sewing machine desk with all it's drawers that seem to collect odd things in them! 
I am hoping I can get my sister over here one day soon to go through my Fabrics (4 Bins of IT!!) It occurred to me recently this is actually becoming a burden to me. I know I am not going to do the sewing I use to and up until recently thought I would do again. It is a ghost I need to rid myself of. She is a quilter so I know she can use a lot of it. What's left I will offer around, try to sell at Yard Sale and then give to GoodWill.

Some things are so easy to get rid of, some things are so hard. Living in this time of Betwixt and Between can make it even more difficult

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So I started the next round of sorting through and getting rid of. This has actually been a long time venture, something I have done from time to time throughout. Now though I have started doing it with a different eye. One of the criteria that has enter the picture when deciding yes no maybe is will it work in my new life. I am not at the point of scaling down to just want I think I will take with us but it is helping with the maybes. Funny there is a big part of me that just wants to get rid of it all and be done, but I know that isn't practical at this point. I still am 3 plus years away from heading out, (unless of course that winning ticket comes along!) I still have to live this life for now. I think it actually makes it harder for me to sort. I figure if I do a major sort though every six months or so by the time we are ready there won't be so much to get rid of. It also serves as a way of knowing what is truly important.
 In the process of sorting I am also looking at my hobbies or pretend hobbies, I have a whole big cabinet filled with craft supplies that needs a major overhaul. This is hard, I am that person that looks at something and sees potential, "Ooh I could use this for that, Ooh I may want this for something someday." I have to really examine what will work in the future. Fine tuning.  I went through a bunch of my books and am actually ready to move many along. That in itself is difficult but looking at the space is cleansing.
I know the more I can immerse myself into learning about this lifestyle and training myself to think in terms of living it the easy it will become. I problem: I truly dislike Betwixt and Between.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

What a relief!

Well sat down and did some investigating as to what our approximate income will be on retirement. Big hardy sigh of relief. Should life continue as we know it we should be okay pursuing our dream of volunteering at National Parks. Man that feels good! Now if we could just win the lottery and move things along quicker!! Oh Yes that would be fine!

Friday, September 25, 2015

But Wait My Cookware!

Entertaining thoughts go through ones mind when contemplating moving into an RV. I was thinking about what I would want/need in the Kitchen. Now keep in mind space is limited in an RV and weight is an issue. It occurred to me, Huh, I have a number of All Clad pots and pans that I love. (I worked in a William-Sonoma store at one time and as a top selling store of All Clad we often won free pieces.) Well if you have never used All Clad let me tell you it is wonderful to cook with but it is HEAVY!! Almost as heavy as Cast Iron (Oh Jeesh, My Cast IRON?!?!?!?!) Seems I like heavy cookware which really isn't a good thing. I just may have to get rid of it and find something lighter!
Well I will have to keep at least one of my cast iron fry pans. I can probably justify that with the argument I can use it on the grill!!

I know my daughter will be happy to hear this! She covets my All Clad!! LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wow It's been two years since I started this and well posted anything. I would like to get back to my planning. We are still looking to the future of FullTime or at least extended time RVing. My Financial plans are still in order. I would love to say we are gaining on things but the best I can say is we aren't further in a hole. Had almost 10,000 in vehicle repairs in 2015 and yeah that hurts. The good news is because my pay down plans we should come out even for the year or maybe even a bit better. Jeesh sometimes!!!

We went out to Hershey again this year and once again had a great time. Hubby is more on board this time and I think if we were in a different place financially He would have us getting ready to head out. It's like something really clicked for him. This has been my dream forever and Paul has played along (there was a period he wasn't interested anymore) But something about this trip and some heartfelt conversations between us has giving him the "bug."  We talked over a weekend about just what FullTime RVing meant to me. What I imagined our lives would be like and that I think helped him. He had gotten the idea that when I said Rving it would mean travel travel travel. But no that is not at all what I want to do. To me ideally we will be in a financial position to be able to live on our pensions and SS and volunteer at the many National Parks. And with this I mean get a position with one for several months, a season or heck even a year. Explore to our hearts content the surrounding area and then Find the next destination and do it again. If we cannot secure a position at a park then do Workamping at a Campground for a period of time. I want to stay put in each place for at least a couple of months.

So with Paul on board, we have started to play with the information on Workamper News ( Great site by the way if this is the lifestyle you are looking into. They have exercises, questions and courses geared to help you make the right decisions and learn what you need to know before you start as well as an avenue to find positions once you are on the road. 

So on with the planning!!!