Monday, September 16, 2013

Ideas and list

Okay so here is the beginngings of the many lists I will develop for our 5year plan.

A Couple of things I thought would be good ideas:

  I love my photos but let's face it just won't have the room for them and the weight of photo albums is a factor. SO I have decided to take all my photos (Well a large number of them!!) and put them on memory cards that can be used with the Digital Photo Frame we have. I have to figure out which memory cards/sticks are compatible with the frame and my computer, time to drag out the documentation on this thing!! LOL 

I have many cookbooks and no tain't taking them along, again weight factors, and let's face it how many of the recipes do I actually use from each one! Couple by the availability of online recipes there is really no need to carry them around. Going to go through them and copy the recipes I actually use and put them in a binder. I know I can just save them to the computer or Cloud Service (Something I will be looking into more) but for now I like them in front of me.

Beginnings of a list of toys:
  Kindle type device
  Camera with longer range lens
  Some type of watercraft
  lighter weight sewing machine (you never know!)
 Light weight handheld mixer/blender stick