Monday, September 16, 2013

Hershey RV Show

What a fun time this weekend! Paul and I went to the RV Show in Hershey, PA.  Quite the education we had. Was fun going through the many different styles of trailers and RVs. Interesting how when your reasons change what you look for in something changes as well. While it will be a while before we can seriously consider buying something, we went through them with a critical eye geared to fulltiming. That discounted many immediately. IF we where to purchase something today we would probably go for the Coleman CTU297RE or the Autumn Ridge 315RKS or there was a Puma We saw that I don't have the number for. Anyway it would definitely be a one bedroom, probably rear lounge. As we get closer to that possibility we would have to look into construction a bit more. It's so much fun to dream!!!!

Also went to to seminars, one on FullTiming and one on working on the road. Both very well done and informative. For me as I have been researching this for a long time most of it was reinforcement of what I have learned, for Paul I think it gave him a better understanding of it all. At least it didn't discourage him anyway!!

Interesting tidbit we learned from Bob Marx: FullTiming, was each person should carry a different credit card from the other. This was should something happen to compromise one of the cards and the account needs to be changed you still have one to work with!! Certainly makes a lot of sense.

Also finally got to Cabelas . What a store!!! it's more of a destination. If you are into hunting, fishing, camping, cabining, etc. you could go crazy! Not cheap but must be good stuff because it's one of the biggest names. Rather proud of us, spent two hours wondering around and bought nothing but lunch!

Again really fun weekend!