Thursday, September 5, 2013

Credit Report

So to continue my plan to closed a number of my credit cards I thought it prudent to first get a copy of my Credit Report, so I could see just what I had opened. Wow does everyone have a credit report 37 pages long???? The good thing is all accounts are in good standing, no negative reports at all; I knew that but it's good to see on paper. Now I have to go though this and cross off those already closed, then I can start closing others that I don't use.  I will again request a copy some time the beginning of next year to be sure those that I close are indeed closed, and  will continue to close accounts and requests reports. You can get one free each year from the big three Credit Report Companies. will get you access. Since I can get one from each each year, this will give me hopefully an accurate standing.

I also have been taking advantage of a couple of offers for No Interest For A Year. Switching around my balances to get the best bang for my buck. Have decided which to get paid off first and hopefully this all will work out.  With all we all ready have scheduled I will have to wait until next year to stop spending so much! LOL