Thursday, November 15, 2012

The pull of the moon

I've been thinking of late, the phases of my life or at least my crafting life. I'm very much like the moon, my interests waxing, waning then waxing again. Sewing, cooking, knitting, herbs are the most prevalent with others moving in and around them. Right now Sewing is at the peak, knitting has decided to make a comeback. I'm not a good knitter, super beginner at best. I know knit, purl, yarn over. Garter and stockinette pattern is my only forte and any "pattern" in the except all the way across and back my mind just doesn't want to wrap around. I've made a couple of sweater for the grandbabies and scarves as gifts. I have decided to make scarves again, Ruffle Edged Scarves, for several of my "girls". The idea started during the hurricane, what a perfect time to knit if I was knitting. Sitting in the dim lights of candles and lantern I couldn't read well nor do sewing. But knitting especially a very simple pattern would have worked. So it was in the back of my mind of late and then my boss and I were talking and the subject of these scarves came up; someone we both know made them and my boss liked the look. So... the pattern was sent to her and she gave it to me.
And now momma is in the hospital so I can bring it with me as I sit with her and knit. Timing is another of those interesting things to think about. Hmmm another case of synchronicity???

 Also making adorable little mittens ornaments for all the great nieces and nephews and perhaps others if I have time. Found the pattern online at and decided to do a slight variations of hers. 

Will post photos of both the mittens and scarves once I have one or two done. Can I get 15-20 mittens as well as 4-5 scarves done by Christmas??? We shall see.