Friday, November 9, 2012

Made it through and a bit of a rant!

Wow where do I even begin. So very much has happened over the past several weeks, my head is spinning. I guess I will start with my thankfulness. I and mine survived!! Not only survived but came through with what in face of others have, I am calling minor inconveniences. It is interesting how one's perspectives can change in a flash. I had no heat nor electricity for eight days. The fact I had a home, running water, and a stove to cook on through all of it and Hot water for a good part of it; I was able to save most of the food in my freezers and refrigerator, I was one of the most fortunate ones. For this I am so so grateful.

 It wasn't until last evening have I been able to look to at photos of the devastation and destruction. I know these areas so well. I have lived in Monmouth County, New Jersey for all my life (except for a short spell in Va that I choose to push from most thoughts (don't most of us have those!). My heart wrenches with the sight. BUT "we" will not learn from this, some will but that collective "We" will not. Those areas so sensitive to the power of this storm and those that are predicted to come Will not learn.  Homes will be rebuilt in those same places, people will be allowed to live there and build even more, the beaches will be replenished at astronomical costs to the people at a time when so many have so little. It truly makes no sense to me. We cannot continue to be ostriches with our heads in the very sands that are very likely to be washed away again and again. I am not an extremist not an hysteric, I consider myself a relatively intelligent person. I do read, I do listen, I do minor research when I'm not sure of something. Our climate is changing. We are going into a new cycle of weather, what exactly will happen is unsure, but is has been shown the central and north eastern coasts will see more and more crazy storms for at least a number of years. Come on people can we find a little sense???

Enough of that for now It does nothing but aggravate me, SO I am going back into my cocoon. Back to my little world that I know and love. My family and my friends are safe and picking up the pieces. This I will focus on.