Monday, October 29, 2012

Out of Pan Into The Fire!

Aah yes, spend a week on the Outer Banks, NC with perfect weather and return to New Jersey just in time for what is building up to be the worst storm we have every had!! The intensity of the air is amazing. Took a drive down to the bay at Laurence Harbor last evening and and was mesmerized by waves bigger then are normal in the ocean on a calm day!! wish it wasn't dark I would have gotten some great photos. Now all tucked in nicely at home and don't plan on leaving for a spell! Besides filling every available container with water, digging out every candle around, flipping food stuff from freezer to freezer depending on use value, clearing all from the outdoors, and anything else I could think of to prepare for this monstrosity I did want any good little crafter would do, I made sure all my new fabric was washed and ready to play with!! Figure if we lose power I  can cut out patterns and material and there's always sorting to do. 
  Can only hope this isn't as bad as it is projected to be but the feeeling in that air says otherwise. I truly hate that Sara and the boys are so so far away and also dealing with this storm, Kevin is at sea but she has great friends nearby. I know they will look out for each other.

I wish us all well, Let's all be safe and be smart!!!