Monday, October 1, 2012

Other year older! Happy Birthday to me!!! A lot of people complain about or ignore their birthdays and at a time so did I. Several years ago someone near and dear to me and my family passed on, he was only 54-55 From that time on I Celebrate my birthday, and the fact that I can have yet another birthday! Birthdays are blessings. Birthdays mean we continue in this life and I want to do that for many many many more years!!! So Happy Birthday to me!!!! Again and again and again!!!

I do have to say this year was especially fun and especially nice. Facebook for all it's craziness lets the world or at least my world know there is a birthday, every one of my "Friends" wished me a Happy Birthday in one form or another. Sure made me smile alot!! And because of the way I feel about birthdays I tried to thank each and every one for their good wishes. 
 My Birthday celebrations started with a lovely lunch with my dear sister. Then the day of all the good wishes, followed by a lovely dinner with my hubby and son. Next day Lunch with one of my good friends. Saturday found me on a ride on the Seastreak up the Hudson and a walk around Cold Springs NY with another wonderful friend of mine, that was followed by dinner with my hubby at Bahrs (a favorite haunt), Sunday a hike and talk around the cranberry bogs of Double Trouble State Park!  Wow now that's the way to spend a birthday!!!
 Now back to my real life!!! hehehe