Friday, October 5, 2012

Okay, I have been thinking about a 'Sewing Plan" and I like it. I also have read in several blogs about a wardrobe challenge that was held. You had so much time to make coordinating pieces to develop a complete wardrobe. I believe it was 6 pieces in 6 months. Well I'm certainly not ready for that challenge but... I do like the idea of a coordinated wardrobe. Mine is a bunch of bits and pieces I try to match together each morning. So I'm thinking this would be a great starting point for a Sewing Plan. I should go through my closet first and figure out just what I have, what goes together, what actually fits and what I actually like and wear!!!  I do wish I had someone to help with this. Someone "objective" enough to give honest opinions and knows me well enough to know what I like (as opposed to what they like!) I need to recruit my sister to do some measurements with me maybe that would work for this also? All I need is time!!! hahahahaha.

I think a possible plan would involve:
   2 pair of pants
   2 long sleeve blouses
   2 short sleeve or sleeveless blouses
   1 jacket
   1 vest

As I start working with knits more I will add to that list
  Nice Knit Shirts in various sleeve lengths

Then I can continue to add to this as I go along making sure everything works together!! Gad what a concept!!  

In the meantime I'm taking those two classes at Craftsy:
  Beginner Serging  and Will be starting a Pants Fitting Class that I am really looking forward to as hopefully will start me off on "My Sewing Plan"
  Will be making a pillow for my grandson to match those curtains I made him.
  Have some mending and finishing to do

I want to make a Bra! That should prove interesting!!!  Have to see if Craftsy or Pattern Review has a class on that. Found a Tutorial online from Threads Magazine so can start with that when I get to it.

And I want to make a Raincoat!!! 

Okay so that should keep me busy for the next year or so!!! LOL