Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have such a "Kid In The Candy Store" way about me! I become involved in whatever it is that has caught my fancy and I want I want I want!!!! lol Since I have been back into sewing I have discovered so many new things, blogs, websites etc etc etc. and I want to be a part of it all. I found a wonderfully dangerous(for someone like me) site called Craftsy, ( where there are online classes you can take on so many different things: sewing, baking, knitting, quilting, heck even weaving and spinning!!!  What's a gal like me to do! Step back take a breathe and oh heck dive in. I just finished one class (it was free!!!!!!) Sewing Machine 911, good info, great instructor, and have started another, Beginner Serger, Yeah I have one of those and it's high time I learned more than the basics about it. I have signed up for Pant Fitting Techniques as I would love to be able to make trousers for me that fit properly!! I have such a hard time buying them, my body does not conformed to any size out there! and there are so so many more I can't wait to take, we won't even get into the classes I'm drooling over on Pattern Review!! SO Away I go!!!

One of the blogs I read mentions a sewing plan, I love the idea of that, will have to take some time and ponder just what I want to accomplish and make a list. Ooooh I do so love making lists, hehehe. I know I want to set a couple of goals for myself and there are a number of things I'd like to make. I mentioned somewhere or to someone, wanting to, slowly but surely, replace my wardrobe with handmade items, I figure 50% in the next couple of years sounds fair. aah the decision to decide is where to start!!