Friday, September 14, 2012

That was funny!

So thought I would start a blog and have it focus mainly on my crafting stuff. SO I thought I could start one here and low and behold I already had! A number of years ago! Of course there is only one post and it is no longer relevant!! I crack me up! I am such a starter!! I probably have a half dozen or so blogs with but one or two posts out there in the Great and Powerful Web!! Oh well, so I don't have to set one up I'll just play here till something else catches my fancy and I totally forget I have it. 

It funny as just yesterday my sister and I were talking about this same thing. Again I am such a starter, I start lists, projects, routines, schedules, programs, etc. And I do it wholeheartedly!  Then comes follow up, and yeah well maybe we shouldn't go there!

Oh well Let's see what happens here!