Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A little bit of entertainment:  I have been reading the book "The 7 Secrets Of Synchronicity" (how I started reading it in the first place is it's own story!) Anyway, I'm in the chapters about Divination and come across a type called Stichomancy (Got to love that name, sounds like a fit to me!) This is a quick and easy form of divination in that while holding a book (any book) you think of a question or issue of concern,open the book at random and immediately point your finger to a place on the page (best done with eyes closed so as not to have visual influence), read what is written there and see if it "Illuminates" your question or concern.
  Okay this is definitely easy enough, what the heck, I decide to try it. Since I have this book in my hand it's the one I use. I focus on my upcoming trip to NC and how it will turn out. What I read under my finger is this sentence: "What began as a simple mundane trip to the grocery store was transformed into something magical!"  Is that not Wonderful!! and so very very entertaining!!! I cannot help but love when things like that happen, truly delightful! And now I am looking even more forward to my trip! LOL