Friday, September 14, 2012

Alec's Curtains

Alec’s Curtains

First item to make it up here is the curtains I made for my Grandson Alec. Hopefully the photos will make it up here as well.  I decided to do Lined Curtains, why because I don’t have enough challenges in my life! LOL  I have never made Lined Curtains so A First! Not having a pattern and I know I know I could jump online and find a gazillion tutorials I decided to wing it! Go Me I think!

After Washing, Pressing, Measuring (Twice) The Fun Begins..
  I made the Lining 2 inches narrower and 1 inch shorter than the Curtain. Turn under all edges, Marked Header and Curtain Rod Pocket.  Sew Side Edges (wrong side together) being sure not to sew where the curtain rod pocket is!!

  Find Top Center Curtain and Liner, pin together at center with liner slightly lower than curtain. Pin across. As the Curtain is wider than the liner, the curtain will fold in on itself at outer edges.
 Stich Lines across for Header and Rod Pocket. Press Side Edges. Hem. Since I love Topstitching; Top Stitch Sides! Voila!! Curtains! 

When They make it down to Virginia and get hung Hopefully a photo will be taken!!