Monday, September 17, 2012


What a lovely day yesterday! Went hiking with Paul and Phil. First stop the Passaic Falls in Paterson, NJ. This is really an amazing place. The beauty of these falls right in the midst of downtown Paterson! Paterson is not a pretty city, unfortunately it has one of the highest crime rates in NJ. But the falls are fantastic!.

My lunchtime friend!
 This little guy decided I was the perfect spot to perch. He hung out on my jeans or my hand for a good ten minutes or so while we had a bite to eat!

Next stop South Mountain Reservation, Northern end to see the Hemlock Falls, or should I say UnFalls as there was just but a trickle coming down. Says something to the weather of late. Nice little walk though.

My DareDevil!

Then to the Southern end of the Reservation to see Maple Falls, again no water.

But the hike was fun in that someone placed Faerie Homes throughout the trail! How delightful to come across them.

One even had a chipmunk in residence! Felt good to get out and about. Been a while since we did any hiking. Will have to remember this place in the early spring.