Tuesday, September 18, 2012


For anyone interested I have been taking a class on Roman Goddesses. I get to research a Goddess, write up a paper then do a creative interpretation. I've had a lot of fun with this class and look forward to taking other Cultural Goddess Classes in the future. Below is the last in this class. 
Angerona is the Goddess of Silence, Keeper of Hidden Secrets among many other aspects.

  As with all my projects in this class, the idea develops with the research and writing of the paper. Angerona “spoke” to me (or should I say Whispered!) in the form of a Fabric Doll. While discussing the idea with a friend the color Gray was mentioned, in not Black or White but Gray – Secrets, Shaded, Hidden Meanings. I thought at first to embellish her in grays but while going through my fabric stash, my son’s college graduation gown (yes I save everything!) jumped into my hands. Perfect! Learning – Advancing – Commencing. Angerona is my last project of this class and then I will “Graduate.” The cloth became her body.
 My Fabric Dolls are usually a bit bigger but I wanted her smaller, so first I had to reduce the pattern, slightly reconfiguring the legs so the angle wasn’t as bent. Then I had to redraw her hand with one finger pointed. I traced the pattern pieces onto the fabric, sewed the seams and cut out the pieces using about an ¼ inch seam allowance. Turned each inside out and stuffed firmly.
  To draw the face, I used Pigment Ink Pens in Browns/Black/Red for Angerona. On other dolls I have made, I have used dry Pigment Paint and my own makeup as well as the pens.  
 Time to secure the arms and legs to the body, using Carpet Yarn and a long Doll Needle, running it though a couple of times. Secure the head to the body, I like to have it slightly cocked. I make the hair by “Crocheting” Fun Fur Yarn. I like that perfect stitches are not necessary in this, stick the crochet needle wherever and single or double crochet rather Willy-Nilly until you have made a Wig of sorts! Attach hair by tacking at random points to head.
 Dressing and accessorizing my dolls is always interesting, once I get the main idea they “tell” me what they want.  Angerona was no exception. I had something totally different in mind for her, more of a white toga style outfit, but as I once again went through my “Stuff” certain items cried me, me!! The sheer pinkish beige fabric, then the silver trim, which is actually the outside edging of a silver ribbon. I thought to have both hands up by her mouth but Angerona just wanted the one, Finger to lips, the other seeming to be pointing. I believe in letting my ladies “Speak” for themselves!

(Rather Cher looking!! LOL)