Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Bit Of A Twist!!

Okay I not only love to sew but I also love to "play" with Herbs. I make lotions, potions, teas, Aromagoodies. But today was the first time someone has asked me to develop something that stinks!!!  A good friend of mine is taking a class that is designed to bring awareness of the trials and tribulations of many different types of people using libraries as well as helping Library Workers learn ways to assist them. She is doing a presentation on Homeless People and how to help them and the employees with many of the issues that come up. She wants to illustrate the "conditions" of the homeless and others of misfortune and wants something she could carry on her that smelled rather, ummm, yuck! After going (sniffing) through my herbs I came up with a combination of Hops, Valerian and Horehound, yeah definitely not pleasant!!! She is going to add crushed Garlic and some Onions to the mix. I can guarantee  not many are going to want to stand near her!!!! And hey it should help keep Vampires away as well!!!  LOL


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Machine!

Okay so I'm watching an online video on sewing machines last evening ( yeah I know, I'm odd oh well!)  Anyway, the woman starts talking about Vintage Machines, and how they have a tension wheel on the outside where as newer machines have it on the inside. I stop , Wait a minute My Machine has the Tension Wheel on the outside!!! My Machine is Vintage???? So I had to look up the manufacturing year for My Machine - 1979!!!!  That's just a year after my son was born! WOW!! I guess I've had her for a spell eh!!  And I wonder why she acts up from time to time, LOL
 She still does the job though! Have been considering a new one just haven't a clue which there are so many choices out there!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Love My Bag!

So I got this idea to make a Purse Style Backpack, went online to do a quick search and found this wonderful blog with tutorials! Heart of Mary: Just what I wanted, of course I can never leave well enough alone so did do a bit of tweaking here and there.

Don't you just love how you take take these items and turn them into something totally different and wonderful!! I fell in love with the fabric while at the store and knew it would be perfect for this.

The pattern has a pocket that goes completely across the bottom front, so first thing I changed was that. I made a deeper, narrower pocket that can hold my cell phone rather comfortably!

Got it all cut out and sewed away! Now the tutorial has you using metal slides for the straps but I couldn't find them at the stores I went to so decided to go with nonadjustable straps, which means I had to sit there and figure out how to do that! Came up with this.

Sewing the Front, Back and Sides went smoothly, got my straps in place and even a Grab Handle! The bag has a flap that fold over the top front and secures with a magnetic snap. That went on quite well I think.

Proceeded to make the liner and thought to add a D-Ring to the sides to clip a small purse or two to to hold cash, cards and whatnot.

 Thought it best to add a bit of extra security to the area so found a bit of scrap and there nicely sewn to inside of liner! Also added a bit of strengthener to the bottom of liner using a stabilizer from a falling apart shopping tote!

Was oh so pleasantly surprised how nicely the liner fit into the Bag. Has a drawstring to hold the top closed and I think it came out rather well if I do say so myself!!!

And here's the cute little purse I made to clip inside!!

Not bad eh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A little bit of entertainment:  I have been reading the book "The 7 Secrets Of Synchronicity" (how I started reading it in the first place is it's own story!) Anyway, I'm in the chapters about Divination and come across a type called Stichomancy (Got to love that name, sounds like a fit to me!) This is a quick and easy form of divination in that while holding a book (any book) you think of a question or issue of concern,open the book at random and immediately point your finger to a place on the page (best done with eyes closed so as not to have visual influence), read what is written there and see if it "Illuminates" your question or concern.
  Okay this is definitely easy enough, what the heck, I decide to try it. Since I have this book in my hand it's the one I use. I focus on my upcoming trip to NC and how it will turn out. What I read under my finger is this sentence: "What began as a simple mundane trip to the grocery store was transformed into something magical!"  Is that not Wonderful!! and so very very entertaining!!! I cannot help but love when things like that happen, truly delightful! And now I am looking even more forward to my trip! LOL


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


For anyone interested I have been taking a class on Roman Goddesses. I get to research a Goddess, write up a paper then do a creative interpretation. I've had a lot of fun with this class and look forward to taking other Cultural Goddess Classes in the future. Below is the last in this class. 
Angerona is the Goddess of Silence, Keeper of Hidden Secrets among many other aspects.

  As with all my projects in this class, the idea develops with the research and writing of the paper. Angerona “spoke” to me (or should I say Whispered!) in the form of a Fabric Doll. While discussing the idea with a friend the color Gray was mentioned, in not Black or White but Gray – Secrets, Shaded, Hidden Meanings. I thought at first to embellish her in grays but while going through my fabric stash, my son’s college graduation gown (yes I save everything!) jumped into my hands. Perfect! Learning – Advancing – Commencing. Angerona is my last project of this class and then I will “Graduate.” The cloth became her body.
 My Fabric Dolls are usually a bit bigger but I wanted her smaller, so first I had to reduce the pattern, slightly reconfiguring the legs so the angle wasn’t as bent. Then I had to redraw her hand with one finger pointed. I traced the pattern pieces onto the fabric, sewed the seams and cut out the pieces using about an ¼ inch seam allowance. Turned each inside out and stuffed firmly.
  To draw the face, I used Pigment Ink Pens in Browns/Black/Red for Angerona. On other dolls I have made, I have used dry Pigment Paint and my own makeup as well as the pens.  
 Time to secure the arms and legs to the body, using Carpet Yarn and a long Doll Needle, running it though a couple of times. Secure the head to the body, I like to have it slightly cocked. I make the hair by “Crocheting” Fun Fur Yarn. I like that perfect stitches are not necessary in this, stick the crochet needle wherever and single or double crochet rather Willy-Nilly until you have made a Wig of sorts! Attach hair by tacking at random points to head.
 Dressing and accessorizing my dolls is always interesting, once I get the main idea they “tell” me what they want.  Angerona was no exception. I had something totally different in mind for her, more of a white toga style outfit, but as I once again went through my “Stuff” certain items cried me, me!! The sheer pinkish beige fabric, then the silver trim, which is actually the outside edging of a silver ribbon. I thought to have both hands up by her mouth but Angerona just wanted the one, Finger to lips, the other seeming to be pointing. I believe in letting my ladies “Speak” for themselves!

(Rather Cher looking!! LOL)

Monday, September 17, 2012


What a lovely day yesterday! Went hiking with Paul and Phil. First stop the Passaic Falls in Paterson, NJ. This is really an amazing place. The beauty of these falls right in the midst of downtown Paterson! Paterson is not a pretty city, unfortunately it has one of the highest crime rates in NJ. But the falls are fantastic!.

My lunchtime friend!
 This little guy decided I was the perfect spot to perch. He hung out on my jeans or my hand for a good ten minutes or so while we had a bite to eat!

Next stop South Mountain Reservation, Northern end to see the Hemlock Falls, or should I say UnFalls as there was just but a trickle coming down. Says something to the weather of late. Nice little walk though.

My DareDevil!

Then to the Southern end of the Reservation to see Maple Falls, again no water.

But the hike was fun in that someone placed Faerie Homes throughout the trail! How delightful to come across them.

One even had a chipmunk in residence! Felt good to get out and about. Been a while since we did any hiking. Will have to remember this place in the early spring.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Alec's Curtains

Alec’s Curtains

First item to make it up here is the curtains I made for my Grandson Alec. Hopefully the photos will make it up here as well.  I decided to do Lined Curtains, why because I don’t have enough challenges in my life! LOL  I have never made Lined Curtains so A First! Not having a pattern and I know I know I could jump online and find a gazillion tutorials I decided to wing it! Go Me I think!

After Washing, Pressing, Measuring (Twice) The Fun Begins..
  I made the Lining 2 inches narrower and 1 inch shorter than the Curtain. Turn under all edges, Marked Header and Curtain Rod Pocket.  Sew Side Edges (wrong side together) being sure not to sew where the curtain rod pocket is!!

  Find Top Center Curtain and Liner, pin together at center with liner slightly lower than curtain. Pin across. As the Curtain is wider than the liner, the curtain will fold in on itself at outer edges.
 Stich Lines across for Header and Rod Pocket. Press Side Edges. Hem. Since I love Topstitching; Top Stitch Sides! Voila!! Curtains! 

When They make it down to Virginia and get hung Hopefully a photo will be taken!!

That was funny!

So thought I would start a blog and have it focus mainly on my crafting stuff. SO I thought I could start one here and low and behold I already had! A number of years ago! Of course there is only one post and it is no longer relevant!! I crack me up! I am such a starter!! I probably have a half dozen or so blogs with but one or two posts out there in the Great and Powerful Web!! Oh well, so I don't have to set one up I'll just play here till something else catches my fancy and I totally forget I have it. 

It funny as just yesterday my sister and I were talking about this same thing. Again I am such a starter, I start lists, projects, routines, schedules, programs, etc. And I do it wholeheartedly!  Then comes follow up, and yeah well maybe we shouldn't go there!

Oh well Let's see what happens here!